Laughing Monkey is a unique food producer in Chiang Mai

We produce English and European food classics like dry cured smoked bacon, sausages in natural skin, lasagne and British Indian curries. Northern Thailand with its seasons gives a variety of products and the Kings Royal Projects allows us to utilise their freshest, local produce. The perfect location to cook great tasting food, without artificial flavouring or chemicals.

For our beef products we use Kho Khon beef, a Thai French breed that is not only of high quality, it also has great flavour. It is a recognized breed and purchased from a reputable supplier in Chiang Mai.

All pork products are supplied by CNF, a family-run farm on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. CNF breeds, farms, slaughters and butchers everything themselves and are accredited with HACCP & ISO 9002. Their processing, procedures, and technology are of the highest standards.

All of our products are vacuum packed in food save bags and/or frozen and are of generous portion. The kitchen facilities are hygienic, clean and safe; UK style practices. The products can be collected from our shop, at a convenient collection point, or delivered to your door.

Ian Corps

Chef owner

I’m Ian Corps, a seasoned Chef from the UK. Back in London I worked in an array of restaurants in and around the city to learn the trade. Once I gained the necessary experience I decided it was time for my own company in event catering. Highlights I catered were garden parties at Buckingham Palace, the Millies Awards, Wimbledon Tennis Championships, movie premieres and several Paris Air Shows to mention but a few.

I was fortunate to work in many different kitchens with a multitude of flavours which inspired me to travel around the world. One of my trips took me to Thailand, where I fell in love with the country and my wife. I decided to take the big step and move here. But as much as I love Thai food, sometimes I missed western food, or when available the quality was often disappointing, so I decided to set up Laughing Monkey, which launched in 2015

Customers reviews

Great place, the best bacon and sausages in town and much much more delicious products like prepared meals, hams, pickles, jams etc. etc.

Paul Vleeshouwers

Great place, the best bacon and sausages in town and much much more delicious products like prepared meals, hams, pickles, jams etc. etc.

Clara Duverne

Perfect meals to have on hand in the freezer for those nights the kids are being fussy and don’t want whatever is being made …. easily put out one of the laughing monkey meals for them. Home made, as good as a restaurant and the kids love them

Amanda Horsburgh

How it works

Check out the menu on this website and call or contact me with your order using the order form. Once received I will contact you to agree pickup/delivery date and time.

You can get free delivery within the area of the ‘red zone’ on the map on the shop page for orders over 1250 Baht. Delivery fee for orders below 1250 Baht will be 75 Baht. Minimum order for delivery outside of the ‘red zone’ is 2500 Baht, and the cost for delivery will be 8 Baht per kilometer from our shop to the delivery address.

If you just want to “pop in” and pick up an order then please ring ahead with your order and the desired time for your collection. Payments can be made in cash, by bank transfer, and now also with Promptpay.

I am keen to listen to my customers, particularly the new ones. If you have suggestions to improve the food or service, please tell me why and how. Equally, if you like something, then please also tell me!