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Laughing Monkey is a unique food producer in Chiang Mai. We produce smoked bacon, homemade sausages in natural skins, ready meals, and other English and European food classics. We use local products and ingredients to prepare great tasting food, without artificial flavouring or chemicals. Our products are vacuum packed, fresh or frozen, ready for you to eat at home.

Laughing Monkey has their own delivery service. And we are taking orders from 11 am, in time for your lunch. You can get free delivery within the ‘red zone’ on this map for orders over 1250 Baht. Delivery fee for orders below 1250 Baht will be 100 Baht.

Minimum order for delivery outside of the ‘red zone’ is 2500 Baht, and the cost for delivery will be 10 Baht per kilometer from our shop to the delivery address.

For shipping orders to other cities the minimum order amount is 1000 baht. The shipping costs will be added to the order amount. Please order via the website and once the order is received we will contact you with the total amount of the order including the shipping.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm for pickup at the shop. And on these days we deliver in the afternoon with our own driver. Sunday we are closed.